A New Path Forward for Hyperscale Data Center “Production”

At CleanArc, we’ve created a first-of-its-kind solution that takes hyperscale data center development to a new level. Our team of data center veterans and power structuring experts has assembled the critical components — development at campus-scale, renewable energy structuring for carbon offset goals, and “data center production” via innovative offsite manufacturing partnerships— into a turn-key solution for hyperscalers seeking to expand quickly, sustainably, and cost-efficiently.
9 July 2016, Eemshaven, Netherlands. The new datacenter of Google which is being built near Delfzijl in the province of Groningen. On the clear horizon some cumulus clouds and the Dutch countryside.
Solar panels in aerial view
5 JULY 2016, EEMSHAVEN, NETHERLANDS. Google Datacenter near Delfzijl in the province of Groningen under blue sky.
Wind Turbine in Northwest Indiana

An Energy Solution Like No Other

While meeting carbon offset goals via renewable energy procurement is usually an afterthought in data center development, we’re addressing clean energy needs up front through unique renewable power arrangements. We call our approach “true additionality” because it adds net-new green electrons to the grid, giving our customers ready access to new sources of hourly, load following, carbon neutral energy. It’s a complete revisioning of data center energy supply, where we’ve pre-solved the challenge of carbon offset.

Rooted in Experience.
Unburdened by Legacy.

Formed in 2022 by James Trout, the founder of CoreSite and Vantage Data Centers, CleanArc has assembled an executive team who have designed, managed, and built over 2 gigawatts of state-of-the-art data center facilities. It’s through that hard-earned expertise that we’ve conceptualized a new approach to data center development and clean energy structuring, unbounded by “the way it’s always been done.”

The data center of the future hasn’t been built yet. Join us in bringing it to life.

CleanArc is an innovative provider of first-of-its-kind, sustainability-focused data center development and operation solutions. With decades of experience in both the data center and energy sectors, CleanArc has assembled the critical components for hyperscalers seeking to expand quickly, sustainably, and cost-efficiently.

The Future of Data Center Power

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