From design management to facility development to operations, we bring decades of experience to deliver sophisticated opportunities

Data center infrastructure is congested. Access to real estate and power supply is constrained on a real time basis while supply chains inside and outside the industry require a well-planned, analytical approach to mitigate supply chain delays. Our team has developed more than a gigawatt of data centers around the world.

Now at CleanArc, we bring together capital and experienced project management and renewable energy experience to design, build and operate data centers that meet the current and future demands of the world’s largest hyperscale customers. Not constrained by legacy infrastructure or design, we create innovative solutions to exceed our customers’ growing needs.

CleanArc’s campuses will utilize scalable solutions optimized for hyperscale deployment that can deliver power up to the rack, initially across North America.

Our Design Approach


We deploy infrastructure configured in efficient topologies that deliver cloud hyper scalability at optimal speed to market. We look at our customers’ needs today with their long-term vision in mind


Our standardized modular blocks provide flexibility to customize and adapt around individual customer requirements across geographies. Our design deploys efficient infrastructure that conforms to greater than five-nine’s reliability contemporaneously at the highest capital efficiency

We provide diverse availability zone cloud optionality away from infrastructure constrained markets. These zones are sited with access to renewable energy

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