We solve hyperscale customers’ need for innovative clean energy contract structures that approach zero carbon emission

Historically, power procurement has been an afterthought in data center development. Energy and real estate departments within the same organizations don’t always work to the same goals when it comes to sustainability. At CleanArc, leading our customers through their clean energy transition with advanced renewable energy power structures is our purpose. We design our hyperscale campuses to provide our customers with hourly, load-following carbon-free energy.

Answering the Call for Advanced Power Structures

The world’s largest hyperscalers have the ambition to lead in the world’s transition to a zero-carbon grid by incentivizing the development of new renewable energy projects in the regions where they operate, contributing to lower-carbon grids. These corporations have made incredible investments in renewable energy by bringing tens of gigawatts (GW) of new clean energy capacity onto electric grids every year. But the same ambitious hyperscale operators know that they need to do more. While signing renewable power purchase agreements (PPA) can help offset a hyperscalers annual energy consumption the goal has shifted to operating all of their data centers using carbon-free energy. Carbon-free. Everywhere. 24/7/365.

Without a tremendous amount of planning hyperscale customers can run into major roadblocks in meeting their clean energy goals while managing risk. Virtual PPAs provide a host of clean energy benefits but they also can create financial settlement risk due to the variable nature of wind and solar generation. Merging the benefits of renewable generation with the consumption profiles of data center operation where they operate requires new and sophisticated contractual power structures.

By the Numbers

82% of data centers operators now track electricity usage  

Energy consumption by U.S. data centers accounts for more than 2% of total U.S. electric use 

U.S. hyperscale data center market is growing nearly 15% per year driven primarily by the migration of computing resources  

Power supply to data centers represents ~40% of operating costs, the single largest cost driver 

CleanArc True Additionality  

We created CleanArc True Additionality to provide our hyperscale customers with turnkey data center solutions that include robust power structures that can provide carbon-free energy.

CleanArc works with local utilities and renewable energy developers far in advance of siting a project, to create contractual structures that allow our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our hyperscale campuses include clean energy structures, including hybrid sleeved power purchase agreements. These power structures provide load-following clean energy with maximum green electron delivery to data centers from solar, wind, storage, and/or hydro projects on the same grid, while also limiting hyperscale customers’ credit risks, price dislocation risks, and income statement impacts.

CleanArc is an innovative provider of first-of-its-kind, sustainability-focused data center development and operation solutions. With decades of experience in both the data center and energy sectors, CleanArc has assembled the critical components for hyperscalers seeking to expand quickly, sustainably, and cost-efficiently.

The Future of Data Center Power

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