Please respond by completing the following checklist for each available renewable project.

Submit an anonymous question below should you have any questions about the data requested. We will post answers to submitted questions periodically to this webpage.


We expect the RFP submission with the data from the 7-checkpoint list by close of business (5pm Pacific) on Thursday August 31st, 2023 so that we can begin our work evaluating the results. Ongoing discussions over terms may continue past August 31st

The response is non-binding.
Bidders who have completed a Confidentially Agreement with CleanArc will receive the Term Sheet via email.
The Term Sheet should be used as guidance for bidders, but we expect redline and edits as part of the RFP submission.
CleanArc will consider both physical PPA deliveries and financial (virtual) VPPA deliveries.

CleanArc will be arranging portfolios of approximately 250MW total of a mixed portfolio of wind and solar capacities for each data center building constructed in Virginia (2), Ohio (1), and Texas (1).

CleanArc may choose to expand the capacity being procured once favorable projects are identified in each region that would supply future buildings.

CleanArc is the owner and operator of data center infrastructure, but is not the offtaker of any renewable energy or storage contracts. CleanArc acts as an intermediary between the renewable energy/storage developer and the offtaker. CleanArc is evaluating Renewable RFP responses in order to recommend a portfolio of projects to the offtaker that satisfies their renewable energy goals. The offtaker who will demonstrate creditworthiness will be a hyperscale cloud-computing company. The potential offtakers are extremely large and well-capitalized.
In our experience with the hyperscale cloud-computing companies, it’s unlikely that they will be willing to post security or sign a parental guarantee.
Execution is likely to be in late 2024.
Yes, CleanArc will evaluate structured solutions as long as the RECs are available to the offtaker and the renewable energy is produced by a single source of at least 20MW.
While we may evaluate the performance of a project settling at the node, it’s much more likely that we will be recommending hub-settlement contracts to potential offtakers.

CleanArc will consider both standalone and co-sited storage of varying durations. Tolling agreements are acceptable. Please fill out the duration, capacity costs, variable and fixed operations and maintenance costs and other tolling agreement details in the relevant Project Information workbook located at

Bidders should submit an average 12x24 and 8760 typical hourly charge/discharge profile given economic operation of the battery storage system over a historical period. If this information is not available, CleanArc can generate this information given the parameters of the storage system and the historical regional prices.

CleanArc RFP Bidders Information Session

On Aug. 7, 2023 CleanArc held a Bidders Information Session to share more about its RFP for renewable energy products. Please view a recording of the session below.

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Step 1:

Download and complete the Confidentiality Agreement with CleanArc Data Centers

Step 3:

Download and complete a 12×24 generation profile for the renewable asset and complete a 12×24 charge/discharge profile for any storage component.

Step 4:

Download and complete an 8760 generation profile for the renewable asset.

Step 5:

Download and complete historical wind speed for wind assets or historical solar irradiance data sheet for solar assets.

Step 6:

Send a power curve given the technology type and equipment that can be used to turn the historical wind speed or solar irradiance into modeled generation.

Step 7:

Email the completed documents to with “Project Name RFP response” as the subject line.

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